Hi there. I’m Janayitri Brahmanda. Currently I write books. Before I was working as an International development worker and child development specialist, in which I also got my masters. Some years ago I found out about ‘real science’ from ancient Vedic knowledge. The wisdom of yoga and meditation also comes from these mysterious books. It opened my eyes to truth, consciousness, love and true happiness, which can only be found within.

At the moment I feel that I am following my dharma and that feels great. I became my real self after a lot of soul searching. To get at that point of perfect bliss, took a lot of meditation time. You can read about that on my blog, which includes a guide to a super healthy yoga lifestyle. I also share some thoughts and pics on social media. Some great books are coming up too.


Sometimes I teach children with a lot of fun stuff like games, dance, yoga and meditation, and I teach courses and workshops for my book ‘Yoga-energizers for children’. You can read about that here.

Life Coaching

Since I am a therapist and I have a lot of experience with life coaching, I can help you find your real authentic self as well. For that I have developed some great methods with lots of yoga and meditation. I do this from the love of my heart, and like in buddhism I don’t ask anything for it, but feel free to give something if that feels good for you.