Kids Coaching

For children I offer Yoga Therapy and Life Coaching focussed on body, mind and soul. The main goal is to help shine their inner light again and let them feel good and comfortable with their own authentic self. A happy and strong heart is the best start to a good foundation for life.

Yoga is the only art to open the heart. Sri Sathya Sai Baba

I work with my own developed didactic materials and methods like I also do with teaching. I use some amazing elements from the beautiful ancient Science of Yoga, like meditation, mantra’s, affirmations, breathing exercises, postures, dance, games and mandala colouring. These are just examples, every child is different and acquires a different approach. During the years having a practice for naturopathy and life coaching, I observed that especially children who are high sensitive (HSP) or have a related diagnose like in ADHD, ADD and Autism have great benefits from the coaching and therapy. I must say that I don’t like to use these terms (my methods are more focussed on talents, self esteem and positive stimulation rather than on what goes wrong), and I don’t use them myself as a therapist, but it is just to clarify a little bit more the group of children I have been working with.

Every child is welcome, from 3 to 21 years of age. Kids can have a rough time these days with peer pressure, busy life, hard work in school, a lot of extra activities and many extra stimulus like from television or social media. Especially high sensitive children need a break sometimes and they need to learn how to take a pause themselves. If they can handle their inside energy, they can also influence the energy around them. This gives more control over thoughts, emotions and behaviour. They become their own inner coach. This can help them get through this amazingly beautiful but sometimes tough life and makes their hearts strong. They learn how to cope with their emotions by not putting emotions away or ignore them, but learn to feel them, accepting and processing them: this keeps the heart free and gives them a chance to be their own complete self. With an open and strong heart they can keep on shining through life.

Having a master degree in Child Development related to sports, games and movement, your kid is in good hands with me. Though my methods for children are dynamic, fun, effective and fine tuned on every child: I always start working with the parents first. Children are like mirrors and reflect with their behaviour, mood, thoughts and actions what is going on in the whole family. Everything is energy and reacts on one another. Food is also a very important part of forming the inner energy, so mostly I start with mums and dads to see what we can do to improve everything around the child, before working with him or her directly. Sometimes a diet or natural food supplements are necessary as well.

The coaching can take place in Abcoude, nearby Amsterdam or in some cases I come to your home as well. If you live abroad or far away, we can start with Skype or WhatsApp conversations. Coaching can take place in English, Dutch and Spanish. For more information about yoga, the yoga lifestyle and yoga diet, please visit my blog or Instagram @JanayitriBrahmanda and for the methodological approach you can see my book.

I have been working for 20 years with children now, in different circumstances in various countries, and I do this purely from the love of my heart. It hurts me to see that colleagues sometimes ask over 150 euros for a session working with high sensitive children. These beautiful talented kids are born everywhere, they do not choose social class. I would like to give access to good therapy and coaching for every child. So, for me it feels fine not to ask anything for it, but like in buddhism: if you would like to give a donation for the help, please feel free to do so.

If you want to make an appointment or start with a call, please use the contact form or send me an email.

Always do good to others. Be selfless. Mentally remove everything and be free. This is divine life. This is the direct way to Moksha or salvation. Swami Sivananda