Workshops 'Yoga off the mat' (English)

Workshop ´Yoga off the mat` with theme Shiva Cosmic Dancer was such an experience with Dear Janayitri. Meeting her is a gift for the heart, meditating and dancing in the same room is a true enrichment for your heart, mind, body and soul. Experiencing freedom during dancing on the rythm felt safe. After feeling free and safe it was quite easy to connect with the inner self in meditation. Feeling connected with Janayitri and the group during meditation was such a wonderful and heartwarming experience. I truly recommend to join classes and workshops with Janayitri. Such a bliss!

‘Yoga off the Mat’

It is possible to receive a workshop about the integration of the Yoga Lifestyle into your daily life routine. It’s actually all about ‘yoga off the mat’ and concerns the inner process of yoga. Yoga is so much more than what we see on the mat: it is a healthy lifestyle with Sattvic food, inner peace, moments of mindful rest and meditation, control over thoughts and senses, deep breathing, even mindedness, living in balance with our emotions and feelings and above all it is a process in which you learn to clean your inner energy with Jnana, Karma, Raja and Bhakti Yoga. When your inner energy is rich, light and blissful you will attract the same energy on the outside. You’ll learn to integrate this way of conscious living bit by bit into your own healthy lifestyle.

In our busy lives we sometimes forget that we have to nurture our minds and souls as much as our physical bodies. Learning some small exercises can take us back to our true self. The inner cleansing process of yoga connects us to who we really are: our soul Atma or ‘love and happiness’ which are constantly present inside of us. Yoga means merging with that energy of higher bliss.

Yoga is the journey of the self, through the self, to the self.

Bhagavad Gita

For Yoga Schools

The workshop is a very good additional single course for yoga schools: students will learn how to translate the Yoga Lifestyle into their daily lives in a first introduction with Jnana, Karma, Raja & Bhakti Yoga and the Sattvic Yoga Diet. This will enrich current yoga classes enormously: when the mind bends, the body will follow. It will give life-changing tools to yoga students to live a healthier and more happy life. The workshops have different themes like Shiva Cosmic Dancer, Prana Shakti, Mantras & Mudras, Energise your Life, Sattvic Food and Taming the Monkey Mind.


It is also possible to receive a customised workshop with your team at work. This one-time intensive Mindfulness-Yoga Class introduces yoga as a clever tool which helps reducing stress, it prevents burnouts and considers a more healthy lifestyle for body, mind & soul, and above all; it is a great team building moment.

As in buddhism, all our forms of coaching, therapy or workshops are not for commercial purposes and take place on a basis of donations. Workshops can take place in English, Dutch or Spanish (in the Netherlands and abroad). For more information or requests please use the contact form.

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